Vaša pot do znanja. Center za izobraževanje in kulturo Trebnje

About us

About CIK Trebnje

The Trebnje Center for Education and Culture is a public organization, established by the Trebnje municipality to promote and develop an adult education. Organization has two units: Gallery for naïve art and Adult education center. Gallery for naïve art was established 1970 and collections consists of paintings and sculptures that were produced by more than 280 artists from all over the world. There is constantly exhibitions of collection and collections of individuals and museums of naïve art abroad, art workshops and other pedagogical and cultural activities (artistic evenings, lecturers…).

Adult education center ( offer a comprehensive range of education programmes: from elementary school for adults to secondary education programmes, as well numerous non-formal education programmes (general education, training and courses). In recent years, increasing attention has been given to various projects that develop and encourage lifelong learning among different target groups, to raise the level of literacy, especially the socially week (elderly, rural residents, members of the Roma community, special needs persons, the unemployed, young, persons serving a prison sentence, etc).

The main sphere of activities:
primary education for adults is intended for all adults with incomplete elementary education wishing to complete elementary school and enroll on further education courses
– participants of vocational and technical education in the areas of economics, catering, commerce, administration, tourism and pre-school education are adults that have not managed to attain or complete their vocational or technical education during the course of regular education, or their existing education does not meet labor market requirements
Courses: language courses, Slovene for foreigners, computer literacy, accounting and bookkeeping courses, assistant chef, home care nurse
Third age University is intended for the retired population and aims to prevent loneliness among the elderly, increase their inclusion in education and society, as well as encourage active citizenship
Intergenerational learning center providing different programs where older learners and students engage in learning together in a third level environment, we engage older people and our students, young and children from the local area in teaching and learning together, especially to learn basic ICT skills, handcrafts, dancing, language courses…
– National and multilateral projects.

The CIK Trebnje participate in European projects in the field of adult and socially weekly groups learning, to raise their level of literacy, to increase the scope of competences, social inclusion… Our team participate in European projects as a coordinator in project management activities and as a partner within research and development activities, focusing on the research activities in the field of social inclusion, adult education of socially weekly groups (elderly, rural residents, members of the Roma community, special needs persons, the unemployed, persons serving a prison sentence, etc) and development of curriculums and training programmes in the field of lifelong learning for rising different literacies, a scope of different competences, pedagogical approaches, e-learning… Because of wide network of different target groups our organization also participate in pilot phase of projects.